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Pavilion Rentals

Are you looking for a place to hold a family reunion, picnic, or other special event?  What better place to have an event than the pristine surroundings of Eden Mill park? The fee for a day is $75.  The pavilion has a large grill and holds up to 75 people.   If you are interested in booking a date, please call the office at 410-836-3050, M-F from 9-2.

Parks and Recreation Facilty Use Regulations (as stated on pavilon rental permit)
Tobacco products, of any variety, are not permitted to be used on or in county property.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Motor vehicles shall be parked and/or operated only in designated areas.

Activities such as dunking tanks, hot air balloons, pony rides, petting zoos, carnivals, inflatable, bounce apparatus ,catering services, festivals, camping, etc. are prohibited.

Park facilities shall be closed to the public dusk to dawn unless otherwise posted or approved in writing by Parks & Recreation.

Pets in parks cannot run at large or create a nuisance. Please clean up after your pets.

No sale of food, goods, or other services are allowed on or in County facilities without prior written approval from Parks & Recreation and the proper permits, such as but not limited to Health Department, Liquor Board, Department of License & Permits, Maryland Sales and Use Tax Registration, etc. This applies to permittee and any vendor that the permittee may allow to come onto park property.

Glass containers are prohibited in Flying Point Park and Mariner Point Park.

Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and on Park property.

Applicants for facility request must be 21 years of age on or before the date of application.

Applicants must be prepared to present their permit upon request. Permits are revocable and non-transferable.

No person shall remove or alter any portion of a County facility without prior written approval from Parks & Recreation.

The holder of this agreement assumes full responsibility (financial, legal, medical) for actions of its members, participants, and guests.

No person shall damage or deface Parks & Recreation facilities.

If any property of Harford County is damaged or destroyed by the permittee, its members, participants, or guests, the permittee shall pay to Harford County, Maryland money in an amount sufficient to compensate all loss sustained by Harford County.

Either party, i.e., Harford County and permittee has a right to terminate this agreement upon 30 days written notice. In the event of termination by the permittee, the renter shall be entitled to a refund of rental fees minus a $25 administrative fee. However, if Harford County terminates this permit for acts by the permittee, said acts jeopardizing the health, safety, or welfare of the public or creating a hazardous condition on or in the permitted facility, permittee shall not be entitled to such a refund. If Harford County terminates the agreement based on facility conditions, the permittee will receive a full refund.

Applicants agree to follow and enforce the regulations included in this document and the Code of Harford County Maryland as amended. The applicant’s responsibility extends to its participants, officials, and spectators. Refer to County Code Section 185, Section 185—22 of the Harford County Code as amended (Code) contains penalty provisions for violations of the Code. 

Failure to comply with these regulations or any County regulation, policy, code, etc. may result in immediate revocation of the permit and use. 

Eden Mill Facilty Use Regulations (as stated on pavilon rental permit)

There is no electricity or running water. Loud music is prohibited.

The restroom key must be returned to the mail slot on the front of the restroom building at the end of the rental.

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