Eden Mill has miles of trails leading to a beautiful overlook of the creek and EMNC! Each is maintained by volunteers for easy hiking.  

·  Pollipot Trail: Starts at Mill and follows wetlands along Big Branch Creek to main trailhead. Parts are elevated on boardwalk. Length: approx. 0.3 miles 

·  Beaver Run Trail: Follows Deer Creek with plenty to see - beavers, birds, turtles, plants. Length: approx. 0.29 miles 

·  Bluebird Trail: Succession Area, foxes, rabbits, deer, blue birds, easy hiking. Length: approx. 0.17 miles 

·  Mingo Trail: Follows the upper meadow, best birding trail in the park. Length: approx. 0.19 miles

·  Cedar Run Trail: Cedar Run Trail follows the edge of the forest along one side, and a meadow along the other side. This trail joins up with Laurel Ridge Trail at Switchbacks. Length: approx. 0.19 miles

·  High Meadow Trail: Starts at main trailhead. Follows the edge of the High Meadow and forest. Steep climb at beginning of trail. Length: approx. 0.3 miles

·  Laurel Ridge Trail: A forest Trail overlooking Deer Creek. At the end is 400 feet of switchbacks that join up with Beaver Run Trail. Length: approx. 0.18 miles 

·  Birds Nest Trail: Wooded, good birding. Length: approx. 0.06 miles 

·  Fox Run Trail: New growth, plenty of deer signs, rabbits, and birds. Length: approx. 0.14 miles 

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