About Eden Mill

Nestled in the pristine and untouched part of the Deer Creek Valley in Pylesville, MD, Eden Mill Park is a county park composed of 118 acres of diverse habitat ranging from meadows, to forests, to wetlands, to open recreational areas. 

We have a nature center, a historic grist mill museum, a handicapped accessible canoe launch, over 3 miles of hiking trails, gardens, a pavilion, picnic tables, grills, and offer family programs throughout the year. 

Eden Mill Nature Committee, a 501(c)(3) organization, was formed in 1991 by a group of local community members who wanted to not only preserve the history of the mill but also form Harford County’s first nature center. 

Our volunteer organization continues to grow and working hand in hand with Harford County Parks and Recreation, is dedicated to developing a greater awareness and appreciation of the natural and historical resources of the area.

Through perseverance, hard work, and their love of the park and community, Eden Mill Nature Center and Historic Grist Mill Museum, along with over 3 miles of hiking trails, were established. 

Deer Creek Valley

The History of the Eden Mill Grist Mill:

The Mill was constructed in the early 1800's by the Stansbury family even though the first known reference to “Eden Mills” was in 1896. It was named after Sir Robert Eden or the Eden One hundred. The Stansbury family owned the mill for 85 years until 1885. In the late 1800's the mill's ownership was changed to two gentlemen named Martseller and Van Sant.

Early 1800s
In 1905, Frank Wolfe bought the mill and used it as a saw mill beside it. The saw mill was steam powered, and in 1908, sparks from the steam engine ignited the mill buildings causing them to be destroyed by fire. Mr. Wolfe reconstructed the mill (the present one), but soon afterwards it went back into the ownership of Martseller and Van Sant. In 1910, the mill was sold to Marshall Stokes who operated it until 1917. 1905

In 1918, a corporation of businessmen from Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania, known as the Fawn Grove Light and Power Company, purchased the mill and changed it into a power plant. This required new machinery and the rebuilding of the dam to a greater height. The conversion was completed in 1921. The new power plant provided electricity for Fawn Grove and New Park, Pa. the mill supplied 2,200 volts of electricity and provided for Smith's Canning House, Anderson's Feed Mill, and Ruff's Fawn Grove Lumber Mill.

In 1920 the corporation bought the Stansbury mansion next to the mill as a residence for the mill manager. In 1927, the Glen rock Light and Power Company bought the electric lines and the Eden Mill power plant was no longer needed.1920
The Glen Rock Light and Power Company sold the mill to James T. Smith who changed the method of grinding feed from the calico sandstones used earlier, to the hammer mill. Flour was ground with steel rollers. The flour was rated as a 50 barrel mill, meaning it could grind 50 barrels of flour in 24 hours. The mill was used at times in its history to provide flour, cornmeal, buckwheat, as well as animal feeds. Mr. Smith added to the mill during his ownership. The storage building was added to the old part of the mill which is the center portion of the building. The mill last operated in 1964. Mr. Smith died; the mill was sold to settle his estate. 1964

In 1965, Harford County Department of Parks and Recreation acquired the mill and 57 acres that now comprise Eden Mill Nature Center and Park.

In August 1974 there was a problem with the dam. Water was leaking out between the end of the dam and the earthen next to the mill and the embankment was eroding. The county hired a company to fix that problem by doing a series of things such as pouring a new concrete shore wall.1974
In 1991 a group of community Leaders and Educators created the Eden Mill Nature Center to "Provide an opportunity for all people to develop a greater appreciation and awareness of the historical and natural resources of the area." This community group became the Eden Mill Nature Committee, Inc. 1991